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Algae Clearing ("Green Pool")

Green algae (or green pool) is a common problem for swimming pool owners. Green algae often appears as a greenish growth on the walls and floors of your pool, and can result in your pool water taking on a green tint, due to greenish organic material suspended in the water of your pool. This algae not only resides within your pool, but can also spread to you pool's pipes and pool equipment. Many pool owners have been frustrated when, after hours of scrubbing and the addition of the wrong type of chemicals they realize that a week later their pool is as green as it ever was. This ends up costing owners time and money. At Temecula Pool Services we will cure your green pool problems the first time.

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Pool Chemical Evaluation, Monitoring and Adjustment

Maintaining a safe and consistent swimming pool requires proper water chemistry. Among the elements of a healthy pool system, having the proper pH and chlorine levels are probably the most essential. An improper pH balance can cause cloudy or murky water, eye irritation, scale formation and etched pool walls --- none of which make for an inviting swim. Conversely, too much or too little chlorine can be harmful to you, and create unsafe swimming conditions. Temecula Pool Services applies the necessary tools and knowledge of chemical analysis to provide the correct combination and quantity of chemicals to adjust and maintain a safe chemical balance.

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Removal of Pool Debris

Every pool is susceptible to debris from a variety of sources. From landscapers blowing leaves and grass clippings int your pool, to insects and rodents which accidentally fall into your pool. Even normal human use can lead your pool scattered with debris (especially with children around). Left unchecked, debris buildup in your pool can have a very negative effect on your enjoyment of your pool. Temecula Pool Service will do what's needed, including skimming, scrubbing and vaccuuming, to keep your pool's water clean, safe and enjoyable.

Debris Removal

Pool Filter Cleaning & Maintenance

Your swimming pool filter system is responsible for removing debris and keeping your pool water clean and clear. The pool filter is the hardest worked piece of equipment of your pool, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to filter impurities so you can enjoy pure water. Because of this, it is extremely important that this system is regularly serviced. Temecula Pool Services trained staff are able to inspect and maintain your pool filter system upon request. Pool filter systems should be serviced at least twice a year. If your pool filter system is due for cleaning and maintenance, please contact us.

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Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

The fact is, all mechanical systems eventually fail, and the parts of your pool system such as the pump, heater, salt unit or filter are no exceptions. Unfortunately, when one of these systems fail, repairing them can become very expensive, but Temecula Pool Services will strive hard to get your pool back in shape for the best possible price. If something has gone wrong with your pool, please give us a call and we will be happy to diagnose the problem and give you an estimate for your pool equipment repair.

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